Second Hand Finds No. 1

Thursday, February 15, 2024

 Happy Friday guys! Today I am sharing recent second-hand finds. I have been shopping second hand since I was a kid (since before it was 'cool') and wanted to start a series of my purchases. This first picture was not a purchase, but was actually my husband's grandfather's.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were browsing a new-to-us thrift store in Pooler and came across this beautiful original painting. Currently it is hanging above our bed, but I am not sure if that is it's final home.

I had been looking for a case for my nail supplies and tweezers for a while and came across this old makeup case from around the 1940's. I removed the makeup portion and left the metal mirror inside and my nail supplies fit perfect. The brand is Volupte if anyone is looking for one.

I found these champagne coupes in a local second-hand store for around $16 for 8 of them. I plan on using them for fruit at my next tea party.

I looked for a while for this dress from Agua by Agua Bendita second-hand. I finally found one at a fantastic price. The size was slightly bigger than what I normally buy, but it was close enough for the price. I wore it out to dinner this week with friends and loved it, the quality is fantastic.

Lastly, I saw this water bottle on TikTok and thought it was the cutest water bottle I'd ever seen. I was able to find it used online and love carrying it around.

Thanks for reading!

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