Life Updates

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Well, to start off I have been swamped with school. I am taking several extremely hard classes this semester. The wonderful news is that I made a 96% on my Calculus 2 exam. It was the first exam of the semester and (in my opinion) my hardest class, so I was VERY excited. For my first time, I am taking a hybrid class. A hybrid class is where it is half online and half in a classroom. I am not sure how I feel about it yet, because if you don't check online every day, you can fall behind extremely quickly. I finished a paper for it on Monday, and it went great!

I have been going on some very fun adventures recently. For my birthday I went to Charleston. I traveled with my boyfriend and family and loved it. Charleston is such beautiful city. My favorite part was lunch at a really cute local restaurant. I had a salad with strawberries and other fruits and loved it. We also traveled nearby to an art museum as seen in the photo above.

In my sorority, we just finished recruitment a few weeks ago. It went great and I am so thrilled to be introducing new members into our chapter. I feel older and older every recruitment, but with that comes a lot of learning. I have definitely learned better how to communicate with other people, and also how to be extremely open with the things I love. My favorite part of recruitment is sharing with the PNM's (potential new members) what I love about my sorority. I get to talk about what we do to contribute to the community and how we contribute on a national level.

I am so happy to share this with ya'll!

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