Evening Tennis Match

Monday, October 3, 2022

Hey guys! Glad to see you back for another outfit post. My husband and I like to play tennis some evenings, so I have a small collection of tennis dresses that I love and this is by far my favorite. I love the drop waist design and vintage feel it gives. You can find it here on Tory Burch's website.

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Coffee Date No. 7

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hey guys! I am so glad to see you all back for another coffee date. Some big life news, I posted a little bit about it on the blog last week, but we are in the process of buying a house. I am so excited! We have lots of projects we will need to do, but I love projects and I can't wait to share more.

This was a photo from an actual coffee date. I spent the day helping my family do some yard work and after we went downtown to walk around and enjoy coffee. The weather has been amazing. This is probably one of the best times of year in Savannah. It is sunny and the temperature is perfect.

Here is a photo from Labor Day weekend. We spent the weekend with family and the neighborhood cats love to stop by when they hear people outside. This is my husband playing with one of them.

This is a photo of my husband and I from my friend's baby shower that we helped host. The baby shower went perfectly. The dress that I wore is from Reformation and you can find it on Reformation's site here.

I have been looking for an antique desk for some time and found this one over the weekend. The legs are brass and can be polished, which I will do once we move. One of the rooms in our new house will be an office and I think this will be perfect.

Here is a photo from walking around downtown. My jeans are from Madewell and I ordered a couple sizes up so that they would fit slightly baggy. My shoes are from Sam Edelman and can be found here. My top was a gift from my sister. 

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Guide: Planning a 'Baby-Q' BBQ Themed Baby Shower

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Happy Monday guys! Recently I helped host a baby shower for one of my best friends. She wanted a co-ed baby shower, so she picked a 'Baby-Q' BBQ themed baby shower. Her mom and I organized the event and it was a ton of fun. When I plan any type of shower or party I usually start a couple months in advance so I can budget, spread out purchases, and find things on sale. 

Her mom rented a local venue and I think the space was perfect. We had about 30-35 people total for the baby shower. On the other side of this room, there was a bar area where we had the food. The room was set up with several tables so that people could sit and eat. The table pictured was the head table for my friend and her husband. Behind their table, we had the gift the table.

Here is a picture from the dessert table. The tablecloths were from Party City and I think I purchased them around the Fourth of July. For dessert I purchased custom cookies from a local cookie shop. I also made an order of plain cupcakes from Publix. Below I will describe how I decorated them. Her mom also made a tray of brownies.

I ordered these cupcakes from Publix. They were vanilla with a cream cheese icing and plain white liners. I then added these liners from Amazon and purchased these little cheeseburgers to put on top. I am so excited that they turned out so cute! 

I ordered these cookies from a local cookie shop called 'Two Smart Cookies' which can be found here. I used Pinterest to find some inspiration. The jar cookies had their last name on them, but I just covered them for privacy. 

We used this table for cups, serveware, straws, and trays. It was slightly funny, but I was the only one who used a cute straw. The basket was a thrift store gift from my husband a few years ago. We used red checkered napkins to wrap the serveware. The straws were also an Amazon find here. The red and white striped trays can be found at Hobby Lobby.

This table was used for the party favors. I found the giftbags on Amazon here. I wanted the favors to be something people could actually save and use, so I picked koozies. I used these which had customizable text and I included the shower date and their last name. 

Her family got these perfect customized BBQ sauces. They also had BBQ catered and it was phenomenal. For activities, I had several games. We used yarn to guess how big my friend's baby bump was and we had two guessing games. I also had prizes for each game. The shower came together perfectly. She and her husband along with their families had a great time. 

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Evening Picnic Dress

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Welcome back everyone! I hope you are all excited for the weekend, I know I am. Things have been very busy for us recently. My husband and I are currently trying to buy a house. We have loved our apartment, it is absolutely beautiful. However, with rent increasing everywhere, we have decided it is best for us to finally buy a home. With that comes a bunch of paperwork and stress, haha. So needless to say, things are busy here. 

We had a picnic last week and I wore this dress that I purchased for my friend's baby shower. The baby shower was so much fun and the dress worked perfectly. Sometimes with dresses and specifically strapless dresses, it can be hard to tell how comfortable they are. However, I was running around all day doing errands and setting up, and it was pretty easy to move around in.

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