Come with me to Artillery

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Since a lot of my blog is focused on Savannah, I wanted to start reviewing different places around the city that I like. There is a bar located in downtown Savannah called Artillery that I had the privilege of trying for the first time this week. I had wanted to try this bar for quite some time since it looks so beautiful from the outside.

The bar is even prettier from the inside. I love all of the details; they have beautiful tiled ceilings and a marble bar. They also had live music while we were there and the service was fantastic. On the menu, they had a ton of fun, themed drinks. My favorite type of restaurant or bar is one that incorporates traditional architectural details with modern ones to create an experience and Artillery did that phenomenally. 

I had a great experience and recommend visiting if you ever get the chance. I will definitely be going back! If you are interested in learning more about them, their site is located here.

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