How I Shop My Wish List at a Discount

Thursday, May 23, 2024

I am someone who loves shopping. I love having a new outfit for every special occasion. This has lead me to be extremely well versed in second-hand shopping to stay within budget. Today, I wanted to share with you guys how I shop for a wish list like this and my favorite online second-hand stores.

To start, I will browse some of my favorite stores' new arrivals. Here, some of the ones I looked at were Mango, Reformation, and Farm Rio. They all have pieces I love, but some are $300+. I won't pay that for clothing, so I will start looking second-hand. 

My favorite stores for this are: Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and The Real Real. Google Lens is really the trick to finding specific pieces sometimes. Frequently, when people list pieces on these sites, they don't know the name of the item. The way I get around this is by using Google Lens to search by a screenshot of the item I am looking for. This has really been a fantastic tool to find deals on what I am looking for. It is also really helpful if you are trying to find the item at a better price new from other stores. Another way this is helpful is if you like an item, but can't find a good price, you can usually find a similar piece at a price within your budget.

Below are the links to the pieces I am currently keeping a lookout for second-hand or on end of the season sale.

Thanks for reading!

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