Camping Trip Recap

Thursday, May 30, 2024

This past weekend my husband and I went camping around Florida. I love camping and it had been a while since we had been, so I was very excited for this trip. It was so beautiful, so I wanted to share some of the photos with you guys.

Our first night's campsite was on the marsh and the morning view was stunning. We cooked breakfast at our campsite before heading out to drive off-road for the day. In the last photo, you can see an owl in the center on one of the tree branches. 

While we were driving on some of the dirt roads, we came across a couple of bears playing. They went back into the woods before we were close, but it was cool to see.

For lunch on the first day we found a small restaurant on the marsh. They had a great view, cheeseburgers, and coffee, so it was the perfect lunch.

To wrap up the day we went to Silver Springs State Park and went on one of their glass bottom boat tours. We saw a manatee and a bunch of baby ducks on the tour.
For our second day of camping I did not take as many photos, but we started the day at Juniper Springs to swim. This is one of my favorite things from the trip. We then made our way down to Orlando and had Bartaco for lunch. After lunch, we drove to Daytona and sat on the beach for the rest of the afternoon. For dinner that night, we found a place that had gluten free fried chicken.

Our last day we stopped at Washington Oaks Gardens on our way home. The gardens were so pretty and we sat and watched some of the boats for a while before wrapping up our trip.

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