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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Matcha Whisk // I love Sweet Matcha by Rishi and have wanted a mixer for a while so I finally ordered this one. To be honest, it's only ok, but at least it looks cute.

Sheet Organizers // I recently fixed up our linen closet and wanted to make it look more organized so I bought some of these organizers. Love how clean the closet looks.

Toothpaste // This has been my favorite toothpaste for years and I just needed a refill.

iPhone 13 // My iPhone 11 bit the dust, so I ordered a refurbished iPhone 13 as the replacement. I don't keep up with the latest phones and have preferred refurbished for years and so far am very happy with it. 

Earrings // I love these earrings! I wear them all the time.

Hair Oil // I was influenced to buy this on TikTok and YouTube. So far I am very happy. I use it on hair wash days in the morning. I do think my hair is thicker after using it.

Sneakers // My old On sneakers have been torn up since I wore them while working on our house, so I finally replaced them with these. 

iPhone Case // I saw this on Instagram and loved it. 

Press On Nails // I do not have the patience to keep up with having my nails done. It's not relaxing for me to have my nails professionally done and I am always painting/working on my house, so these have been a fantastic way to keep my nails looking nice.

Organizer // I bought this to organize my flatware drawer and love how good it looks. I will be adding more bamboo organizer to my other kitchen drawers.

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