Vacation House in the Outer Banks

Sunday, July 30, 2023

 I realized as I was preparing the photos for this post, that I did not take as many photos of the house as I thought. The house we stayed in at the Outer Banks is gorgeous. It is the largest house I have ever been in. The house is three stories tall with around 18 bedrooms. Each bedroom had it's own bathroom and was clearly built for weddings, family reunions, vacations, etc. 

This picture was taken from the top floor and is the main living area. Behind me was a formal dining area with a table almost big enough to accommodate everyone in the house. To the right of me is the third floor balcony where you can see the pool, lazy river, and ocean.

Here you can see the doors leading out to the balcony and the dining area. Behind me here, there is a whole bar area room which I forgot to photograph. The house has a full bar with high-top tables and another porch on that side of the house. 

The first photo above is what you would see looking up from the center of the third floor. The next photo is the main kitchen for the house. Each floor has their own mini kitchen area, but this floor has the full kitchen. In the kitchen you can see a swinging door, passed that door is a second kitchen on this floor but that one is an industrial kitchen.

I did not photograph much of the second floor because it is primarily bedrooms, however I did take these of the prettiest bedroom in the house located on the second floor. Also on the second floor is a porch area, a bar, a seating area, and a little kitchenette.

These photos are from the first floor. Located on the first floor is bedrooms, a bar and kitchenette, a game room, and a movie theatre. 

The best for last, this is the lazy river and pool located in the back and overlooking the beach. I spent the majority of my trip out here reading. 

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