How to Dress Up a Sorority Tee

Monday, September 14, 2015


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Hey guys, so this post is about how to dress up a sorority tee, making it go from casual to cute really easily. I love wearing my sorority tees, but I still want to look nice and put together while I do it. Typically I will wear a cute bracelet and/or watch, one statement ring, and then some sort of simple studs. 
I am in love with all of these tees and accessories!
~I am currently looking for a cute statement watch and both of these are adorable. 
~I also love these Kate Spade studs in every color. I think my favorite are the tortoise colored ones. 
~The Pandora bracelets have a Disney line! They are literally precious!
I hope you all enjoyed, until next time!

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  1. Love this post!! This is exactly how I dress up my sorority t-shirts (if I dress them up, and that is a big if!!)

    Carley @


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