Big/Little Crafting

Friday, September 25, 2015

As I have mentioned previously, I am in a sorority. My little has just gotten her own little, so I am now a grand-big! I am absolutely so excited, so here are some of her gifts:

 We started making a couple canvases (These are the unfinshed versions)

 This is literally the cutest thing my little came up with! It is a reversible frame! She painted one side of it pink and the other side navy and we used some of our Lilly agenda pages to modge podge on.

This is a tradition I started when I got my little. Usually littles get a decorated pin box to keep their badge in, so I made us matching ones and she loved the idea so much that she made her little one that matches too!

This is a quote from the new Cinderella movie. My little also got her Cinderella and Frozen (we are big Disney fans)

And here is Olaf! He sticks with the Disney gifts and we got him a matching family shirt! (Ours is tie-dye with our letters)

 And those were a couple of the finished canvases.

These were some of the gifts from the reveal. Among the gifts seen, she also got her a couple Lilly things and gave her gift baskets throughout the week.


  1. Loving all of these crafts, especially the Tiffany box! I NEED to make myself one, stat.

    xoxo - Michelle

    1. Aahh thank you! It is seriously my favorite craft


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