Anniversary Weekend

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

At the beginning of this year, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We wanted to go somewhere new to celebrate and decided on the springs in Florida near Gainesville. We used a website called AirBnb to rent a house and it was gorgeous!

We decided to rent a canoe to take down one of the rivers with the springs. I am so glad we did this because we got to see a manatee! It was amazing, we could get right up next to it and it didn't mind us at all. Apparently, the couple in front of us had some otters swim with them for a little while. 

We considered swimming in the springs since they are always the same temperature but, since it was January and the air was extremely cold, we decided not to. We may be going back soon, and I will definitely swim this time!

For dinner, we wanted pizza, so we found a local place in downtown Gainesville and loved it! For dessert we stopped at Trader Joes and found some macarons. 

On our way home at the end of the weekend, we stopped at the Okefenokee Swamp for my first time. It was gorgeous, although we did not see any alligators. For lunch, we got Waffle House(my favorite!)

It was such an amazing weekend and I can't wait to go back. I hope you all enjoyed!


  1. Sounds like a lovely anniversary! Glad you had a fun time!

  2. Looks amazing babe! xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had never seen springs before, so I loved it!


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