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Monday, February 27, 2017

I love love love crossbody bags. They are perfect for so many different things! I love them for when you are going out with your friends, wearing a dress, or carrying personal items with a backpack. These are my current favorites! I am keeping my eyes out for a new one right now and will probably get one of these Michael Kors bags.

This is my favorite satchel at the moment. I like satchels as a professional bag. A couple years ago, at the vet that I work at, my boss got a Kate Spade satchel that resembled an old medicine bag. It was so cute! And I loved that she tied her fashion with her work.

I love using a tote bag for school. It is probably not as good for your back as a backpack, but I feel like it makes me look more put together. I am currently using the red Longchamp bag and it fits my laptop, binder, a couple textbooks, and some small miscellaneous items. I would absolutely love to get the Louis Vuitton one, I have been told they are excellent for carrying laptops.

I hope you all enjoyed, until next time

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  1. The tory burch is my fave! <3

    With love,


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