Maine Trip: Part 1

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I decided the best way to share this trip with you guys is as a series of posts. My boyfriend, his mother, and I stayed in a beautiful cabin on the water for a little over a week.We ate tons of lobster and drank a lot of local sodas. Exploring so many places along the coast was amazing and an experience I'll never forget.

(view from our cabin)

We flew into New Hampshire on Friday very late and spent the night at a hotel there. My favorite part of the hotel was the 24/7 coffee(haha). The next day we drove to our cabin in Maine. The drive was so scenic, and we made tons of stops along the way.

One of the stops was for my boyfriend's mom at an adorable local yarn convention. There were so many cool hand-made things there, including soft sweaters, and beautiful soaps. My favorite part, however, were all of the alpacas, lambs, and bunnies that you could pet. 

We also stopped at a Maritime museum on our way to the cabin. It was comprised of several fishing houses that were so rustic and beautiful. They had tons of old boating paintings and artifacts as well as some actual boats.

I don't have any photos of it, but that cabin was adorable. We were right on the water and had our own dock as well. I loved being able to step outside in the mornings with the beautiful view pictured above.

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