Birthday Recap

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to share with you guys my birthday recap. This year we celebrated my birthday on two separate nights. One, I did a big dinner with my family and secondly I did a dinner with my friends. 

The first group of photos was dinner with my friends. We made a reservation at a new-to-us restaurant in downtown Savannah. We all dressed up and I brought a box of macarons for dessert for everyone. I wore a beautiful vintage pink dress I purchased on Etsy, and then made my own modifications to. It is definitely one of my favorite dresses I have ever worn. Everyone had such a fun time and I felt very blessed to have such good friends.

The second set of photos, starting at the swimming pool, was from my actual birthday. I spent the day with my sister and friend at my friend's pool. After that, I was invited to speak to a class at my old campus about research from college and working professionally as a software engineer. I did not have much notice, but it was a very exciting experience. 

That evening, we met my family for dinner and had a huge low country boil. My husband purchased the tiara for me to wear, even though it looked a little ridiculous. My brother's girlfriend also made me a fantastic cake (not pictured) that she made from scratch, including the whipped cream that went on top.

A little side note about the cake pictured in the first photo: it was awful (ha). I tried to bake, but I cannot bake. The upside is this was an upgrade from last year's cake. Last year I made it two tiers and was not thrilled with the wafer flowers I used. This year I did four tiers and loved the little flowers. Even though it did not taste good, it was fun to bake.  

I had such a special birthday this year and am so thankful for my family and friends.

Thanks for reading!

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