Evening Tennis

Sunday, August 29, 2021

A few quick phone photos from us goofing off at evening tennis. We like to play sometimes after work, but this time I grabbed my antique tennis racket my grandma gave to me to get some pictures while we were there. My dress is from Reformation here and my shoes are New Balance.


Billie Razor Review

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Happy Thursday guys! Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on Billie, which you can find their products located here. To start with a little disclaimer, these are all my own opinions and I am not sponsored, nor have I worked with the brand professionally or represent them in any way. 

I have been purchasing Billie's razors for 2+ years now and just purchased their new limited edition color, so I thought I would take this opportunity and review them.

I started using Billie because I have never been super happy with razors I purchased at the drugstore. I found Billie through an Instagram ad (I think) and was intrigued. They are a subscription based service and cost around $9 a shipment and free shipping. You are able to customize how often you would like a shipment and change the day if needed. They send me 4 new razor blades every two months which has been just the right amount of time for me, but you can shorten or lengthen the time depending upon your preference.  

In terms of quality, these are some of the best razors I have ever used. I never get razor burn from them and I used to get it all the time on my knees, from other brands. I love the fun colors they offer and the site is extremely easy to use. 

They also have phenomenal customer service. I have had to contact them via email several times and they have always been able to resolve my issue. In terms of cancelling your subscription, this is easy to do as well. As my sister's Christmas gift each year I have been signing her up for a subscription for 6 months and then cancelling at the end of the 6 months. You do have to email them to cancel, but they have been extremely helpful and did not give me a hard time. 

With your first shipment they send you a little wall magnet with your razor that has a sort of 'puddy' on the back. It stays on the wall great and does not leave any residue or marks when you need to remove it.

The only downside I have had with them is they recently transitioned to smaller packaging that does not include tracking. This has caused mine to go missing in the mail, but the customer service has been awesome at sending a replacement if this happens. Because of that, I am overall still very happy with them.

 I hope this covers any questions you may have had. I love them and the quality of their product and would love to hear your thoughts below!

Coffee Date No. 3

Sunday, August 15, 2021

This photo is from a little while ago. We try to visit local restaurants once a week and this week we had gone to the Little Duck Diner. It is small, but one of my favorite restaurants in Savannah. I almost always get a cheeseburger and sometimes a milkshake.

Just admiring the evening in Savannah. The trees are one of my favorite parts of the city. 

If you follow me on Instgram, you may have already seen a couple photos from here, but we were able to attend a friend's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. I love attending weddings, they are always so much fun with dancing and lots of laughter and new friends.

On our flight back from Colorado. It was such a fun trip, we hiked through tons of snow and ate at several small restaurants. I love visiting places that get 'real' snow since it is so different from Savannah.

Doing one of my at-home workouts. I had gotten some equipment at the beginning of the pandemic and have been pretty happy with the quality. Also recently got a haircut with curtain bangs. They have been pretty easy to style, so I may keep the look.

I found an artist on Etsy who I love. Purchased this and found a gold frame on Amazon. The frame is only ok on it, but it gets the job done.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

What Was My New Years Resolution?

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Well, we are 6 months into the year and I never shared what my New Year's resolution was, so I thought that would be fun to do now. Plus, how have I done with keeping up with my resolution? 

We live in a fast-fashion, hyperconsumerism world, and social media certainly doesn't help this. I wanted a New Year's resolution that would not only benefit me, but others as well. I decided that I was going to try to shop local and second-hand as much as possible. With the pandemic and all the problems it has caused small businesses, I thought this would be a worth-while goal even if it was inconvenient at times (such as groceries!) or could sometimes be more expensive. This just meant I would need to be conscious of quality over quantity, which was part of the point anyway. 

So how have I done so far? Really well, actually! My whole outfit above was purchased second-hand, just as an example. I needed a dress for a baby shower, and a clutch for a wedding, so I looked second-hand and fell in love with these pieces. The best places I have found to buy clothing and accessories are Poshmark, local thrift stores, and local boutiques. I typically search somewhere like Poshmark for brands that I know really well in terms of sizing and quality, that way they are the most likely to be exactly what I want since I can't see them in person.

I have also had some luck with local groceries. My favorite grocery store closed, which I was pretty sad about since they had tons of locally made goods. Farmer's Markets have been a great way to still buy food locally as well as another grocer here in Savannah called Brighter Day.

I definitely recommend as many people try this as possible! It helps real people support themselves and their families as well as being a small way to contribute to your community.

Thanks for reading!

How to Style a Bar Cart

Monday, May 31, 2021

Happy Tuesday guys! Today I am going to share with you my bar cart. Styling one is super easy and can be done fairly affordably too.  

Starting with the cart, mine was purchased at Target. They have tons of different styles and so far the quality has been amazing. I did not find my exact one, but this gold one is really close. I also love this gold cart and this gold cart. Acrylic carts are also stylish and ideal for small spaces because they are transparent, they appear like they take up less space. I love this acrylic cart and this acrylic cart. Etsy, Ebay, and thrift/antique stores are other great places to look for a more unique option.

The next thing to decide is how you want the cart styled. Pink is my favorite color so I was originally going to make it VERY pink (hence the pink straws on the bottom), but I decided to do something a little more classic instead to match the rest of my apartment. I love the look of fluted glassware, it is classic and has the perfect 60's/70's look. Mine are from Macy's, but tons of places are selling them right now. West Elm has acrylic ones at a great price and Anthropologie has some with a cute gold twist. I found the perfect matching carafe from Urban Outfitters, but it is sold out. However, this one is almost identical. Etsy also has tons of gorgeous barware if you are looking for something truly vintage. My cocktail shaker was a gift, but this one and this one are really similar. The brass is perfect because it keeps with the 60's/70's classic look.

Next is accents! I knew that I wanted yellow as a pop of color and fresh lemons are the perfect way to do this! Not only are the perfect in mixed drinks, but I also use them every day in my water. To complement this, I added a book from my kitchen: Love & Lemons. Flowers also add a nice touch to the overall look. My vase is from Anthropologie and is the 'short' one. Cocktail napkins are another nice touch. The one hanging on my cart was actually a gift from one of my best friend's wedding. It has a note embroidered on the inside and fits perfectly on the cart. 

Thanks for reading!

My Current Beauty Products

Sunday, April 18, 2021

To preface this, I have always struggled with pretty bad acne. It took me a long time to find products that worked with my skin without causing more acne. I also see a dermatologist regularly to help manage this and she is wonderful. I did not picture the prescription retinol that I use since it is a prescription and not everyone's skin reacts to retinol well. Everyone's skin is different so some of these may or may not work for you, but I hope you enjoy my favorites!

I LOVE this face wash so much. My husband found it via Instagram a few years ago and really made a difference with my acne. I have used it for years both morning and night. 

Another product I have used for years. I like it because it helps with my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as well as helping to prevent more acne.

This one is slightly new to me. I bought it because my lotion was hard to get during the pandemic and I was hoping it would work similarly. It did not, but it actually works really well under my lotion to help prevent my skin from being a weird texture from the retinol.

4) Moisturizer: Sunday Riley Tidal
I have used this moisturizer for about 2 years (I think) now. I have tried to find cheaper substitutes because I honestly don't like how expensive it is, but have yet to find a good replacement (so if you have any recommendations let me know!). That being said, I love how well it works for me. It does not make my skin oily even when I wear a lot of makeup, and it keeps the texture really nice.

5) Sunscreen: Supergoop! Zinc Screen
I bought this on a whim when I ran out of my other sunscreen and am so far pretty happy with it. It has a little bit of tint which I like. It also has to be applied fairly carefully because it can pill up if you rub too hard.

6) Spot Treatment: Peace Out Salicylic Acid
Salicylic Acid has been the best spot treatment for my skin. The brand I used for the past year came in a pretty tiny bottle, so I wanted to try a different brand. I came across this one and so far love it. It is about the same price for 3x the product. Salicylic Acid spot treatments can be found pretty easily at the drug store too.

7) Face Mask (my current jar is the Barbie edition): Glam Glow SUPERMUD
This is another product that I have used for years. One jar lasts me months because I only use it about once a week or once every other week. It really makes a difference with improving my complexion. 

I JUST purchased this. When I ran out of my last deodorant, I ordered some mainly because I am obsessed with the color (haha). I love the scent and the fact that it is a reusable container. The scent is definitely not rose to me, but it still smells really good.

So I have to be honest about this shampoo, I like Head and Shoulders way better. I have used them for years and have not had any issues. I bought this as a fun 'treat yourself' thing. I love the bottle, it was super fun to try, and it works really well. However, Head and Shoulders works the same for me and is much more affordable.

10) Conditioner: Eva NYC Hair Mask
I think this is supposed to be more of a hair treatment or mask, however I have used it for a couple years as my regular conditioner and I love it.

Thanks for reading!

Coffee Date No. 2

Sunday, March 14, 2021

While exploring some waterfalls this past week, we needed to grab some food and found this really cool diner quite literally in the middle of nowhere. We had coffee, burgers, and cheese covered fries. Could not have been better.

This is one of the waterfalls we hiked to! We ended up hiking to the base of it which was probably my favorite part. The hike below the rocky overhanging's was so stunning and so much fun.

I shared this one on my Instagram this week. It is basically what I wear every day for work. The shoes are unbelievably comfortable and the whole look is simple and classic.

We spent one evening walking around downtown and I grabbed this photo. I love our city so much and admire all old architecture here. Savannah really is such a unique place and I feel so lucky to call it home.

Thanks for reading!

My Favorite Soup

Friday, March 12, 2021


I originally found the recipe that inspired this here via Pinterest. I modified it slightly to make it more soup-like and it is my very favorite soup to make! I do not follow any diets or anything specific except for keeping things gluten free due to a health condition my husband and I have, but otherwise I try to keep what I eat as fresh and un-processed as possible. Soups are one of my favorite things to make because they are so easy for lunch or dinner.


  • Butternut Squash
  • 1/2 Red Onion
  • Salt
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Bone Broth
  1. Heat up your pan and cut up the squash and onion 
  2. Add the squash and onion, along with the seasonings to the pan and cook on medium (occasionally stirring) until onions turn transparent
  3. Add in the bone broth until squash and onion are about halfway covered and boil for 5-10 minutes
  4. Put ingredients into a blender and blend until creamy
  5. Enjoy!

How to Build a Work Wardrobe + How to Do it on a Tight Budget

Sunday, March 7, 2021

White Sneakers | Earrings | White Mules (old) | Red Sweater (old)

I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe; a handful of beloved classic pieces that you mix and match for multiple looks. I have tried to do this with my work wardrobe. My work clothes are as follows:

  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of navy pants
  • 1 pair of black pants
  • 2 button downs (different colors)
  • 1 white tee
  • 2 cardigans (different colors)
  • 2 blazers
  • Several different sweaters
  • 2 pairs of sneakers
  • 1 pair of mules
  • Variety of accessories
The benefit of this list is they are all classics and I wear them even when I am not at work as well. To build a capsule work wardrobe, the first thing to do before shopping is to look at the clothes that you already own and work with those first. If you are needing new work clothes due to a new job, graduating college, etc. a capsule work wardrobe like this can be done on a tight budget as well! Certain items it doesn't really matter a brand, they pretty much look the same. And others, you may be picky about a brand or fit and there are options for that as well! I'll list below the easiest way to do this:

-Jeans: Goodwill, thrift stores, Walmart, Target, and Poshmark
Goodwill always has a plethora of jeans from all different companies If you are patient, you can easily find jeans here for around $5. The mom jean and boyfriend jean style are in right now and those are also found at Walmart! If you have a particular style/brand you want, then Poshmark is the way to go.

-Classic navy/black pants: J. Crew Factory (sale), Target, and Poshmark
Finding good slacks can be a little more difficult. I have found that waiting for J.Crew factory to go on sale or knowing what I want and waiting to find it on Poshmark are the easiest ways to get quality at a lower price.

-Button downs: Goodwill, thrift stores, Target, and Poshmark
Button downs are such a great staple and their style has not really changed through the years. This means it is easier to find them at a Goodwill or local thrift stores for usually under $10. This also means that they are usually expensive on Poshmark either. I have seen them on there a lot of times less than $10. A tip if you want a more relaxed fit, is buying men's button downs.

-White Tee: Walmart or Target
There is no reason to spend much on a white tee, I highly recommend a plain v-neck cotton from either Walmart or Target.

-Cardigans: J. Crew Factory (sale the best!), Target, and Poshmark
My favorite basic cardigans are from J. Crew Factory I purchased about years ago. I waited until they were dirt cheap and then bought one in almost every color. 

-Blazers: Poshmark and Target
I am a little more picky about blazers and I actually purchased my favorite one from Target! It is navy with a linen-blend striped lining. I needed one for interviews and it is still my favorite compared to "higher end" ones I have purchased.

-Sweaters: Poshmark or Sales
My favorite sweater are from Tory Burch, however there is no way I can ever justify $300 on a sweater. I have been able to find them though on Poshmark for a fraction of the price when I am patient. I also wait for J. Crew sweaters to go on clearance and have gotten them as low as $20-$30 before.

-Classic Sneakers: Walmart, or wait for Black Friday
To me, most white sneakers look exactly the same aside from minor differences. Walmart sells all types of white sneakers throughout the year and if you stain them, it's no big deal. If you are wanting something a little nicer, Black Friday is a great time to find them on sale.

-Mules: Target and wait for a sale
Good mules are a little harder to find. Target has recently started selling classic mules in different colors as well as just waiting for them to go out of season and go on sale.

-Accessories/Jewelry: Poshmark, Etsy, and Antique stores
Poshmark is a great place to look for nicer name brand jewelry at a good price as well and looking through local antique stores. I have found some of my favorite vintage pieces at antique stores and Etsy!

Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

I cannot say enough how perfect this day was. We had an intimate outdoor wedding and it was everything we could have imagined. Sean and I had originally been planning on having an outdoor wedding at a local venue, so when things changed due to the pandemic, we were fortunate enough to not have to change too many things about our wedding. With some minor adjustments and a little downsizing, we were still able to celebrate. Weather in Savannah can be so unpredictable, and we were SO lucky to have the perfect weather that day. Also, huge thank you to Izzy and her associate Hannah for these amazing photos. You can check out Izzy's site here: www.izzyco.com

Sean and I are very low-key people. We wanted our wedding to reflect this. Society seems to place so much pressure on couples having the perfect wedding and it causes people so much ridiculous stress. We decided early on that the only thing that mattered was for us to be together and for the planning process to be fun, no matter what. (This was extra tricky due to the pandemic, but we managed to keep the planning fun the entire time!) We also knew that things could probably go wrong and change last minute, but we wouldn't let that affect the day. Because we went into it with that attitude, the wedding was perfect and we enjoyed every second of it. 

I will have future posts with more details from the wedding!

P.S. Even though we have real wedding bands, we got married with ring pops! Sean proposed with a ring pop, so we thought it would only be fitting. 

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