Gift Guide: For the College Girl

Monday, December 10, 2018

This is always my favorite gift guide to write, mainly because I relate to it the most (lol). All of the things on this list I either own, or really really want.

The La Mer Set:
This is one of my favorite things on the list! La Mer is pretty expensive (like way out of most college student's budget i.e this), but is supposed to have some of the best skincare products. This tester set is $95, but includes two of their best products!

Monogrammed Weekender
LOVE this weekender bag. Investing in a good weekender is perfect especially when you start college because you will traveling back and forth to visit family, going on sorority trips, etc.

Longchamp Bag: 
The perfect bag, especially in college! It's water resistant, durable, and matches everything!

Dry Shampoo: 
So I know dry shampoo does not seem like the most exciting gift, but I use this on a daily basis. People make jokes about college girls and dry shampoo, but seriously this stuff is amazing! It's slightly more expensive, but from someone who has tried TONS, this is the best.

French Press and Milk Frother:
These are on my Christmas List this year! I drink coffee like it's water and would love to start using a french press. And what better than to use one as pretty as this!


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