Gift Guide: For the College Girl

Monday, December 10, 2018

This is always my favorite gift guide to write, mainly because I relate to it the most (lol). All of the things on this list I either own, or really really want.

The La Mer Set:
This is one of my favorite things on the list! La Mer is pretty expensive (like way out of most college student's budget i.e this), but is supposed to have some of the best skincare products. This tester set is $95, but includes two of their best products!

Monogrammed Weekender
LOVE this weekender bag. Investing in a good weekender is perfect especially when you start college because you will traveling back and forth to visit family, going on sorority trips, etc.

Longchamp Bag: 
The perfect bag, especially in college! It's water resistant, durable, and matches everything!

Dry Shampoo: 
So I know dry shampoo does not seem like the most exciting gift, but I use this on a daily basis. People make jokes about college girls and dry shampoo, but seriously this stuff is amazing! It's slightly more expensive, but from someone who has tried TONS, this is the best.

French Press and Milk Frother:
These are on my Christmas List this year! I drink coffee like it's water and would love to start using a french press. And what better than to use one as pretty as this!


Gift Guide: For Him

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

It's the first Gift Guide of the season! Yay! My most requested from you guys was a Gift Guide for Him. I have included a few things I have bought the men in my life in previous years, as well as a few things I will definitely be buying this year!

I have the women's version of the L.L. Bean Boots and love them. I have worn them hiking, through rivers, in the snow, etc and they have been extraordinarily durable. I have also been wanting to get my boyfriend a new and smaller (than his huge L.L. Bean) travel bag and love this one. It's simple, classic, and masculine. I also bought these gloves two years ago for my boyfriend and he has gotten so much use out of them (they are flannel lined!). Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for gifts at a lesser or greater price point!

Palm Beach Vacay

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a fun campaign I've been working on. One of my very favorite shoe brands (and has been since highschool) is Steve Madden. Well, today I am sharing my partnership with Madden Girl/Steve Madden! Madden Girl is the little sister brand to Steve Madden. I actually bought my favorite wedges from them (3ish years ago). EZI is known as the face of Madden Girl, so on Instagram I made a short video (my first one!) using her song. I don’t have a ton of experience with videos, but it was super fun to make. Check that out here: and EZI on tour here: 

For this look since I was on vacation I wanted to have fun, but still be comfortable. I chose to pair these sneakers that they sent me with my favorite dress I purchased this past summer. I also didn't want to carry a heavy tote, so I opted to use my wallet as a clutch. I walked all over Palm Beach in the shoes and they were super comfortable like I had hoped! For my vacation, I was able to shop at some of my favorite stores, and relax at the beach. My favorite part of the vacation was getting to see the blue water (the water at the Savannah beach is not blue or clear at all). I also love the palm trees they have in South Florida. They are very different from the ones I am used to here.

 For my Thanksgiving break, I will be using most of my time firstly studying for finals and working on a research project. Then secondly, creating some more blog content. My most requested gift guide on Instagram was for boyfriends/dads/brothers/husbands, so I have already started working on that! 

*Thank you so much to Steve Madden and Her Campus for sponsoring this post*

The Best Romper + 5 Things

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Quick blurb about the outfit, and then I want to share with you guys 5 things:  I bought this gorgeous romper from Free People earlier this summer and have been waiting for the right weather to wear it because it is slightly heavier. I love that it's so different from most of the rompers I see people wearing. It's chic and artsy, looking perfect for an adventure abroad or a cover up out on a boat. I kept the accessories minimal and used my FAVORITE bag: the Longchamp Le Pliage (I'll be doing a post on it later). The Le Pliage was the first purse I ever bought myself years ago and I love that it will never go out of style. Also, I LOVE these sandals. I bought them as soon as Steve Madden released them and they go with everything. They remind me of these Hermes sandals, without being too similar and not nearly the price tag.

Okay on to the fun stuff! I wanted to share with you all 5 pieces of news and/or information about me since I haven't posted in a hot minute!

1) In school I am currently working on a research project and I am loving it! It started as an extra credit assignment (never turn extra credit down!!), and I am enjoying it so much, it may carry into next semester.

2) My skin is amazing right now! I have had acne ever since I can remember (and I don't mean little bumps, I mean the full blown cystic acne). I have been fortunate enough that my skin doesn't scar, however it has never been truly clear. Well today people, it is totally clear! I was gifted a Clarisonic over the summer, and between that and a few products I have tried at Sephora, I seem to have found the winning combo.

3) I have a new favorite coffee: This coffee from Walmart. It's low calorie, but tastes like the original version!

4) When I moved, my boyfriend's mom gave me this beautiful old dresser that didn't have a finish on it. I just redid the whole thing, staining it and replacing the knobs and I LOVE IT! It was such a fun project and I will be sharing before and after pictures soon on Instagram ;)

5) Lastly, I will be visiting Palm Beach soon and I cannot wait! I went for the first time over Spring Break and loved it. I'll be sharing tons of the photos on Instagram, so stay tuned.

Blazers are in this Fall

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Blazer | Top (old J. Crew) Similar | Skirt (old J. Crew) Similar | Clutch: Old Louis Vuitton

This is the second blazer I have purchased in preparation for Fall. I used to not be a huge fan of blazers until I tried on a beautiful linen blazer from Target. I knew that it was perfect for so many occasions, so I started looking for more. I found the one that I am wearing for this post on sale at H&M a few weeks ago and LOVED it! It is so light and the material feels amazing. 

I feel that a good blazer is the perfect investment for a couple of reasons. I am a senior in college right now, so I have been slowly trying to build up my professional wardrobe. I also think that they are such a great transition piece from Summer to Fall. It's that awkward time where you aren't really sure what to wear. It's too hot (and early) in a lot of places for jeans and sweaters, but it's also late in the season to be wearing floral summer dresses. This is the perfect compromise because they can be worn with pants, skirts, dresses, and even some shorts!


My Current Skincare Routine

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Happy Wednesday everyone! I wanted to share with you all my current skincare routine! Clarisonic was kind enough to send me one of their Clarisonic Mia face brushes. I was so excited because I have wanted one for a while. I have struggled with really bad acne for a long time and have a lot of trouble managing it even though I take good care of my skin. A few of my friends (who have beautifully clear skin I might add!) suggested to me trying Clarisonic.

This is the Clarisonic I was sent. I was also gifted their Acne Cleansing Duo and let me be the first to say their acne brush head has made a huge difference. I started using the Mia in the mornings on my skin. After a couple weeks I started noticing a huge difference with the acne on my forehead (one of my problem areas). It is now completely clear and the acne I usually get on my cheeks has hugely improved. I coupled this with my Palmer's Coco Butter Lotion because it is supposed to be good at removing scars and dark marks which acne can frequently cause. Then, before I got to bed I put benzoil peroxide (a common anti-acne treatment) on my face to sleep in. This combination has made a huge difference in my skin and confidence!

Hope you enjoyed, I linked all of the specific products I use! Let me know if you have any questions ;)

*thank you to Clarisonic and HerCampus for sponsoring this post*

Guide to Apartment Decor

Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to share some apartment decor ideas from some of my favorite stores. I really love timeless pieces and classic looks. I am loving all of the gold accents that are available this season. I also love the idea of decorating with succulents. I have a few in my room and LOVE them. I hope you all enjoy browsing.

Let me know your favorite ways to decorate in the comments ;)


Sorority Recruitment with Snapfish

Monday, April 16, 2018

Chelsea's Outfit: Similar DressNecklace Similar Heels
Did you guys know I used to be historian for my sorority? That means that I was in charge of scrapbooking and making photo books for events such as recruitment, tabling, or anything where we wanted to showcase sisterhood photos. This was definitely the perfect position for me since I loved photos and being creative with them.

I was SO excited when Snapfish reached out to me for a collaboration doing just this! It is near the end of the semester, meaning this summer sororities will be planning and getting ready for recruitment. I think photobooks are perfect for recruitment because they allow you to highlight your sorority's favorite photos throughout the year and it's easy for PNM's (potential new members) to look through and see events from the past year.

When I made this photobook with them, their system was very easy to use and it gave me complete control over every page. I could choose from tons of fonts, stickers, number of photos on each page, number of pages, etc. It was user friendly and I would definitely use them again! They also have an amazing set of graduation gifts found here. Right now with the code YAYGRAD you can receive 40% site wide (ya hear that?? think graduation invitations, recruitment photos....) 

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you have a great week ;)

**Thank you to Snapfish for sponsoring this post**

Spring 2018 Shopping Guide

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

 onetwo | threefour
five  | six | seven 
With it being officially Spring, I thought I would share with you all my Spring shopping list! Click any of the links above to shop ;) Read below and I talk about my favorite pieces.

1) I usually buy 1 or 2 new 'nicer' swimsuits every season to kind of build up a collection, and this year this one from Solid and Striped is my favorite! I love that it's two piece, but has a really classic design. I also love this one, for half the price tag.

3) I am TOTALLY in love with this romper from Free People. It is definitely at the top of my shopping list, and I think it would be the perfect piece to lead into Summer.

4) Denim shorts are my favorite to wear during Spring and Summer, unfortunately I wore out my favorite pair last year, so I have been on the look for another to replace them. I think these would be perfect. I love H&M and have found their products are pretty durable.

7) I owned a pair of Illesteva sunglasses until recently, however mine were reflective and I found that if I got any dust or marks on the lenses they were really visible. I loved the quality of the sunglasses themselves though and would love to try another pair that are not reflective.

Reusing Old Pieces

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hey everyone! This post is all about reusing the pieces you already have in your closet. I bought this skirt used last summer (originally from J. Crew) and I love it because it matches so many pieces. I originally wanted to wear it with an older navy blue top that I own, however it was missing. I'd been looking around at stores for a replacement for a few weeks, with no luck. When I was looking for what I wanted to wear for Eatser, I found my old Tory Burch dress in the back of my closet and thought how perfect it would look tucked into this skirt!

I wore this for Easter and spent the whole weekend with my family this year, how did you spend yours?

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