Coffee Date No. 6

Monday, September 5, 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to another coffee date where I give you guys some random life updates, events, and miscellaneous thoughts.

Here I am from last weekend. My family and I went downtown to enjoy the nice weather. It has been raining in Savannah every afternoon, it feels like for weeks. We grabbed some phenomenal coffee from Mirabelle's, if anyone is looking for a coffee shop to visit, definitely check them out. A small shout-out: this dress purchase was inspired by my husband's cousin (so my cousin-in-law?). I loved it so much on her, I found one too. So if you're reading this, hi!

I am considering cutting my hair shorter - maybe collar bone length. It is so long now that it does not hold my wave/curl very well. I have definitely been influenced by the pictures on Pinterest with shorter hair and a claw clip. 

Something a little new for the blog, I have been posting on TikTok. This is a photo from downtown while we were shooting some TikTok content. Originally I did not love the video format. I am fairly awkward in general, so I did not want to come across that way in a video. I have found however, video format lets you have a lot more personality in your content and is much less work for me than a blog post or even Instagram content. If you are interested in checking it out, my name is @prettyasapeony or you can follow this link.

A very good friend of mine recently graduated from college. The way we met was so funny. We were in church one morning, and I was sitting by myself, waiting for it to start. She came up to me and said "Hey, you looked friendly so I am sitting with you today!" and we have been friends since.

Earlier this summer we rented a lake house with some friends. It was such a fun little vacation. My husband and I spent most of the trip swimming and sunning ourselves. In the mornings I would make cold brew coffee and bring it out to the dock while he would cook eggs and bacon. It was very much a perfect, relaxing vacation. 

I received this beautiful necklace as a gift from a jewelry store and needed to photograph it, so I went to dinner with a friend of mine. We went to a pretty restaurant called Ardsley Station. I ordered their shrimp & grits and a mocktail, which turned out to be delicious. 
To wrap up, here is a photo from a fun dinner this week. Thank you guys for reading!

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