How to Repair a Vintage Purse

Monday, May 30, 2022

I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently purchased some vintage purses I had on my wishlist, but some of them needed a little TLC. I purchased this Gucci purse a couple of years ago while I was in college, but only just got around to repairing it. I wanted to share my process with you guys. 

Pictured above are all of the products I used to repair my purse. A little disclaimer, I had never repaired anything like this before, but this worked great for me. I recommend watching YouTube tutorials as well until you are comfortable. The canvas on the bag was in great condition, so it only needed cleaned a little. However, the leather was not in perfect condition and the strap was in rough shape. Here are the links to the products:
  1. Leather Stain
  2. Sealant
  3. Similar Strap
As you can see in these two photos, the leather on the corners was pretty worn. The piping all along the edges and somewhat on the front was worn like this, so that is where I touched up the most. 

I started by doing only one spot to make sure I would be happy with the results. I painted on some of the stain and waited until it was dry. I needed to repeat this two more times before the color matched. Once it was dry, I added the sealant on top. The sealant took about 24 hours to be completely dry for me. 

As you can see the final result turned out perfect. There were a bunch of little spots like this I touched up. I then removed the old strap, clipped on the new one, and voilĂ , you have the finished product. Thanks for reading!

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