Coffee Date No. 5

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Welcome to another coffee date where I catch you guys up on random things and share some personal and Instagram photos. A couple of projects I am working on, but did not photograph are two new paintings to go in our living room and finishing a quilt that my grandmother was working on and was passed down to me. The quilt is much harder than I thought it would be because the whole thing has to be hand stitched. There are a lot of flowers on it and each one takes about two hours.

My family recently attended a more formal birthday party and it was a ton of fun! This is a photo of my sister and I outside of the party. I was able to wear a vintage necklace from my great-grandma which was extra special.

This is a sweater I purchased recently. It is probably one of my favorite clothing items I own. The sweater is fairly lightweight so even with the Savannah heat, I will be able to get a lot of use out of it.

Recently, I have been able to purchase a couple of vintage purses on my wish list. This is one of my favorites. My old roommate found one at a consignment store several years ago, and since then I had been on the hunt for one. It was in fairly good condition and just needed some minor TLC. I had to touch up the off-white paint as well as get a leather stiffener spray to fix the ruffled pieces at the top. 

Here, my husband and I had just finished a coffee date downtown and he started goofing off and taking pictures as we were leaving. The dress I am wearing is from Zara and is so lightweight and comfortable.

Last month we went on a short trip to south Florida to visit our new niece. The tacos were good, but I actually took the photo because I loved their plates and wanted to see if I could find some online later (which I did!).

Lastly, here is a picture from when we were walking downtown one evening last week. This is one of the other vintage bags I recently purchased. Also, I love this time of year when it is light out later.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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