Do People Still Read Blogs?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Sweater: old Brooks Brothers | Skirt: old J. Crew
Shoes: old J. Crew | Purse: old Ferragamo

Happy Friday guys! This is one of my favorite work outfits. I feel like I say that a lot (haha), but I try to purchase outfits and/or pieces that I would wear to work and out casually. I also try to get pieces that I can mix and match. For example, I also wear this cardigan with my wide legged white pants, or this skirt with button downs and other sweaters. 

I shared a poll on Instagram yesterday asking who still reads blogs. The results were about 50/50. I thought this was interesting since I still read blogs, but the problem I have encountered is not a lot of bloggers post anymore. For those of you that still read blogs, I would love to hear your favorites below!

Thanks for reading!

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