Guide: Planning a Baby Shower

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Invites:

I recently had the privilege of planning a baby shower for one of my best friends. I started first by picking the invitations. Etsy was a great resource for this. I fell in love with puppy gingham invitations and used that as the inspiration for the rest of the party. The ones I found were 'print your own' and I used Walmart's print services for this. They were able to print both the front and the back of the invites perfectly. 

The Decor:

For the decor, I did a mixture of making and purchasing from Etsy. My favorite thing to make was the sparkling juice bottles. I used Pinterest to get some inspiration for them. They were fairly simple to do.
  1. I purchased sparkling grape juice from Kroger
  2. To remove the labels, I alternated between hot water and goo-gone
  3. For painting, started with a white base using a spray paint primer
  4. I then sealed this with modge podge
  5. Now it is ready for the design, for two of them I sketched them out and then painted using craft paint and for the leopard print, I just did free hand
  6. After the paint has dried for a day I sealed with a layer of modge podge
  7. I ordered custom labels on Etsy here and added them once the modge podge was dry
I also loved making the photo booth. I couldn't believe places online charge $300+ for them! I browsed around YouTube videos until I found how to make them myself and it was super simple. You start by purchasing the cheap craft tablecloths found at places like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and the dollar store. I then cut these into 2" wide strips. Then you loop them all on to three layers of string and hang! 

To make the diaper tower, I found a tutorial via Pinterest and purchased the gingham ribbon on Amazon.

I also purchased a lot of the decor on Etsy such as the bowtie toothpicks here, the banner here, and other miscellaneous things not pictured.

The Food:

For the food I used Sam's Club and Publix as well as asking a couple family members to bring some they would enjoy. I loved the idea of the popcorn bags for 'ready to pop!' so I purchased the gingham cellophane bags on Etsy here and tied them with white bows I found online. 

The cookies are from a local bakery called Two Smart Cookies. I called and told them what I was looking for and they were able to make it happen!

To go along with the sparkling grape juice, I found plastic champagne glasses at Target and put cotton candy in them. I thought it would be too sweet, but I actually really loved it. 

The gingham plates and napkins were also from a local store called Emily McCarthy. I was so excited that they had plates and napkins to match the theme! Those can be found here and the small blue plates were from here.

The Giftbags:

The brown paper giftbags were purchased at Target. I made the baby bottle, but purchasing empty mini-bottles from Hobby Lobby and ordering the hard candy from amazon. I then purchased these gingham bowties to tie around the top. I purchased the bowtie soaps here and the blue candy was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

This was so much fun to plan and I hope this helps give you guys a little inspiration!

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