Coffee Date No. 4

Sunday, November 14, 2021

I realized I am a little behind on my coffee dates so these are a little bit out of order, however here are some of my favorite things from the last month or so. I have been loving fall in Savannah with all of the pumpkins and flower decor. I hope you guys enjoy!

Sometimes after work, my husband and I go for walks around downtown. In October, we stumbled across this gorgeous house.

A photo from one of my coffee dates with my friend Chelsea. This was such a fun day. I started the day with this coffee date, then went to another friend's house to work on some projects, and ended the day playing board games with my family.

Just another photo of Savannah showing off for the fall. 

We tried a new restaurant called Ardsley Station. I really enjoyed their food. I tried the duck and their coffee and was really impressed with the flavor. I loved the interior of the restaurant as well. They
utilized the space and large windows well. I definitely recommend trying this restaurant if you are ever in the area.
The beautiful and iconic Forsyth Park fountain. On one of our walks, we saw a couple getting married here in the evening light. They timed it perfectly because it had just stopped raining 😅. I didn't photograph, them but I caught the fountain. 
Here I am on one of our more recent coffee dates. It felt so cold that day I couldn't believe it. I had found this sweater recently. It is supposedly vintage and was quite warm, so I will definitely be wearing it a lot this winter. 
A quick snap of our view from the coffee shop. We definitely had the best view in the house.

This is one of the best parts of Savannah in my opinion. Between River Street and Bay Street there are a bunch of historic buildings and bridges. Underneath the bridges are old stone roads and staircases. It can be hard to capture in a photo, but it is one of the coolest parts of the city.

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