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Monday, December 7, 2020

(image source: sent from an employee)
This is a beautiful boutique in downtown Savannah. They have a stunning collection of clothes and accessories. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a gift for you fashion loving friends!

Sun-Kissed Clays:
Created by one of my sorority sisters, Sun-Kissed Clays sells beautiful handmade clay jewelry. Any of her pieces would make an amazing gift this Christmas. If you are interested, contact her via @sun.kissedclays here!
I was fortunate enough to visit this little shop on a tour of The Alida Hotel in downtown Savannah. It was such a wonderful idea! Downstairs in The Alida, they have this as their 'gift-shop', but instead of being a traditional gift-shop they carry products from local makers, artists, and designers. I highly recommend visiting if you are in Savannah and looking for a unique gift idea.

(image source: sent from the shop)
This was created by another sorority sister of mine. She makes the cutest customized goods! Every year I typically get my mom some sort of customized linen, bag, etc. and this is the perfect place to find inspiration! You can shop by contacting her via Instagram here or her Etsy shop.

One Fish Two Fish:
I love this store located in downtown Savannah! One of my friends introduced me to it a long time ago during a shopping day, and I fell in love. They are perfect to find a gift for tons of different people since they have such a wide variety of products. 

This is a leather store located in downtown Savannah. I absolutely love their products. They are a completely made in house brand. My fiancĂ© loves their products as well so if you are looking for inspiration for a nicer gift for the men in your life, they would be perfect. 

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