Where to Spend an Evening in Savannah

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

One of the most common questions I get are recommendations for places to visit in Savannah, whether that be for food, good Instagram spots, or shopping. I have a general guide for the places I like in Savannah seen here, however I wanted to dedicate a whole post to the places I recommend for the evening! If you guys love my Savannah and travel posts, I will start sharing more of them as a series.

1) Peregrin Savannah:
Such a beautiful rooftop bar! It is easily my favorite on this list. This is where I took the photo seen above. I had a frozen rosé there and loved it! Plus, the decor is on point 😋(Instagram)

2) The Grove:
The Grove is absolutely adorable in downtown Savannah. This is where a lot of my friends recommend for a night out! The food is amazing and one of the benefits of this place is that it is located right next to City Market, so before or after dinner and drinks you can walk around all the little shops and see lots of local art. (Instagram)

3) Lost Square Rooftop Bar:
I was fortunate enough to get a private tour of the Alida Hotel and of their new rooftop bar The Lost Square. The WHOLE hotel is ridiculously beautiful and right on the Savannah River. You get an impeccable view of the bridge from here as well as a view of River Street.
P.S. At the hotel gift-shop, they have an exclusive candle that is supposed to smell like Savannah. I have it in my bedroom currently and love it. (Instagram)

4) Rocks on the Roof:
I have been here with my family before and LOVE it! Rocks on the Roof is located on top of the Bohemian Hotel (which I highly recommend staying at) right on River Street. The location could not be more ideal and the view is amazing. (Instagram)

5) Little Duck Diner:
If you are not into bars, this is another great option. They have the cutest duckies in their drinks + milkshakes and the food is top notch! For those looking for a good food/drink 'Insta' picture, this is the place for you. (Instagram)

6) Lulu's Chocolate Bar:
If you are like me and have a major sweet tooth, then I cannot recommend this place enough. My favorite dessert is their chocolate moose and last time I went, they made me a not on the menu virgin chocolate martini drink. (website)

7) Top Deck:
Recommended to me by several friends and also located on River Street. They have an amazing view of the river and I been have told their drinks are impeccable. (Instagram)

8) Sorry Charlie's Oyster Bar:
Oysters are at the top of my favorite foods list, which makes Sorry Charlie's perfect. They serve fresh and local seafood and is the perfect place to have dinner for a night in Savannah. It is also located on Ellis square, which I highly recommend visiting the squares around Savannah. (website)

If you are looking for a more general guide to Savannah, check out this page: Savannah Guide

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