Reusing Old Pieces

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hey everyone! This post is all about reusing the pieces you already have in your closet. I bought this skirt used last summer (originally from J. Crew) and I love it because it matches so many pieces. I originally wanted to wear it with an older navy blue top that I own, however it was missing. I'd been looking around at stores for a replacement for a few weeks, with no luck. When I was looking for what I wanted to wear for Eatser, I found my old Tory Burch dress in the back of my closet and thought how perfect it would look tucked into this skirt!

I wore this for Easter and spent the whole weekend with my family this year, how did you spend yours?


  1. Love this outfit! Would definitely wear it all the time in spring/summer :)

  2. I love this look! I never thought to pair a dress under a skirt before- so creative!

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

  3. That blue top is so cute! I am so ready for warm weather!

  4. I didnt even realize that was a dress! Such a fun little spin!


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