A Review of Skinny Coffee Club

Friday, August 25, 2017

For the past month I have been drinking coffee from Skinny Coffee Club c/o. Those who know me, know that I drink coffee literally every morning (and probably three other times later that day). So, you can imagine my excitement when the ambassador for SCC reached out to me. I wanted to review with you guys what I thought!

The idea behind Skinny Coffee Club is to 'turn an addiction into a healthy addiction' (haha). It is supposed to help you lose weight by drinking 1 cup every morning for 28 days. On their website they recommend, for maximum results, making some diet modifications as well.

To start off, I am not actively trying to lose weight. I am very happy where I am. However, I felt that working with this company was a good fit because first, I love coffee, and second, in addition to weight loss, it is supposed to help with bloating, which I struggle with.

I made Skinny Coffee Club coffee every morning like the instructions said to. I typically brought it into work with me (I go in very early in the morning) and drank it in about the first hour that I was there. Normally, I am hungry during this time and eat breakfast, a snack, or something. However I noticed with this coffee I had a decreased appetite the first few hours I would be at work. My impression is that this is a huge part of how it aids with weight loss, is that it suppresses your appetite.

I also noticed that it DEFINITELY helped with bloating, which was what I was largely interested in.

So to end, would I buy this product? The answer yes. Would I recommend this to friends for weight loss? Absolutely yes, but with diet changes.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can use the code PEONY20 for 20% off your order!

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