Saturday, April 8, 2017

Top 10 Affordable Beauty Products

If you are like me, you probably either really like beauty products or have some sort of skin issue. Mine happens to be acne, so I end up having to buy a lot of products. Through trial and error I have found a ton of amazing products that are inexpensive and will work for you weather you have acne or not!

I have used so many of this brand's products and cannot say enough good things! This is so gentle on your skin and actually makes it feel softer. $24

My sister actually just recently got this for me. It has been amazing at preventing breakouts and has made my skin feel soft. I do recommend being careful since the active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide and can leave stains. $6

This lotion is amazing! It has sunscreen to protect your skin and it actually help clear up acne! My favorite part is that it's only $15. I also use this one for oil control, but it's $30 and I actually prefer the less expensive one.

This is meant to help smooth out your skin, especially if you have dark marks from acne. After using it for a few months, I can definitely say that it makes a huge difference. $17

Toners are excellent at keeping your skin cleaned and refreshed. I love this one! In addition to that, the ingredients are also supposed to help with dark spots. I am not sure if it has made difference with mine, but my acne has definitely improved. I put it on underneath my makeup in the morning and then in the evenings after I wash my face. $22  
The big one if you have acne. This is a cream that you apply nightly, however BE CAREFUL. Even though it is amazing at clearing up breakouts, it can permanently stain fabrics. I recommend sleeping in a white tee or old shirt if you use this . $5

Who doesn't love to moisturize their hair and smell good at the same time? I have used this for several years and it does an incredible job at moisturizing my hair. I highly recommend any of their products. $6

I first tried this out of desperation. I needed something volumizing for a formal event, and grabbed the first thing I saw at Ulta. This product is amazing! Not only does it volumize my hair, but it also makes it smell amazing. I always get complements when I wear it. Best part, it's $4.

A friend of mine gave me this because she doesn't usually use dry shampoo. It works amazing! I have used it 3 (oops!) days in a row before and my hair looks and smells great! $11 

I have been looking for a good teeth whitening product for a while and this is the best! I notice a difference after every use. I bought the full pack ($8) to get the mouth guard to use with the gel. However, once you have that, refills of the gel are only $5.

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